Snap Recordings Provides UC Vendors with a Turnkey
Announcement Management Solution


Snap Recordings provides UC vendors and their customers with a fully integrated announcement management solution for BroadWorks. 

You and your customers gain a comprehensive, real-time view of their phone system call handling paths with the ability to visualize, order, create, store and manage professionally recorded announcements for auto attendants, call queue agents, and on-hold messaging.


Provide Your Customers a Full Suite of
Announcement Management Tools



See the entire phone system’s call flow messaging with tree-mapping
capabilities that eliminate dead-end call paths. With a bird’s-eye view of the system, users can effortlessly manage and integrate additional announcements where they are needed.



Effortlessly create any number of announcements--from greetings to message on hold--, including the ability to self-record.  


Access professionally recorded announcements. With over one hundred industry leading voice talents available, your customers announcements are more robust and exude a consistent brand personality.



Keep announcements in the cloud-based audio library that assures BroadWorks compatibility and allows customers to see and manage all of their messaging from a simple interface.



Manage, install, and schedule announcements effortlessly, so that it’s easier to increase sales, generate additional ROI, and streamline business operations.

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