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With a full suite of announcement management tools, you help your customers establish a phone system that streamlines operations, increases sales and marketing ROI, and creates the best possible caller experience.

Our tools are simple to use but powerful in their application.


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Announcement Management Tools

Snap Recordings enables UC vendors the ability to help their customers visualize, order, create, store, and manage professionally recorded voice announcements.

Here are the tools and features that make the announcement management solution happen.


Professional Voice Talent Recording Service 

Your customers will be able to...

  • Choose from over 100 voice talents with our Enterprise Class Voice Talent Recordings.
  • Order, upload, and manage announcements with the Snap Advantage Solution Group Account.
  • Use BroadWorks with our Advantage Account Single Sign On capabilities.


Essential Platform Features

With advanced tools you and your customers will have...

  • Access to a visual UC System Canvas that includes Call Handling Message Tree Mapping.
  • Have on command, scheduling, and event uploading abilities with the Basic Message Installer.
  • Deploy after hours or holiday announcements automatically with the Basic Message Scheduler.
  • Use cloud-based Message Recording Library Storage to secure audio files.
  • Get help through our Message Support Desk and Online Chat Assistance.
  • Provide full-system feature availability to all end customers with Snap Advantage Group Admin User Licenses.


Advanced Announcement Creation & Management

Our full suite of announcement management tools enable users to...

  • Ensure announcements are on point with Live Message Preview (Available with Broadworks Release 21).
  • Change menu options for provisioned auto-attendants with the Option/Menu Configurator.
  • Self-record announcements with the Click To Call Announcement Recorder.
  • Ensure no dead ends for callers with Personal Voicemail Greeting Creation.
  • Update a collection of announcement touch points across the enterprise with the Batch Message Installer.
  • Ensure proper configuration with the Imported Message File Uploads With Audio Validation & File Conversion.


Snap Advantage Solution Features For UC Vendors

UC vendors now have the ability to…

  • Access, order, and manage recordings for any customer in the database with Snap Customer Account Proxy Access With Single Sign On/Broadworks.
  • Ensure your customers’ orders are processed, recorded correctly, and installed in a timely manner with Enterprise Snap Recordings Order Management Portal.
  • Enable a real-time view of system performance with Enterprise Snap Recordings Management Reports & Statistics.
  • Work with an optional UC Vendor Message Design & Menu Configuration Consultation 
  • Troubleshoot with the UC Vendor Managed Message Group Support Order Desk.


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