Help Desk: Snap Recordings Direct Message Support and Chat

As a Snap Recordings partner, your customers will have access to a toll-free help line and a web-based instant chat. This ensures that the Snap Recordings team--not your organization--handles the bulk of message recording troubleshooting issues.

Our help desk feature is co-branded with your business to create a unified market image.


How Our Customer Support Works


Snap Recordings Message Design & Menu Configuration Consultation

As an optional service, Snap Recordings can assist your staff with Message Design and Menu Configuration through direct consultation based on per call/time required basis.  

This consultation includes advising on...

  • Best practices in annoucement management.
  • Phone system message content.
  • Creative concise wording for individual announcements.
  • Call transfer optioning.
  • Effective nesting of Auto Attendants.
  • Messaging on hold mixing.
  • Music track selection.
  • Editing announcement messaging.
  • Message template management.
  • Advert, promotion, and event program creation.


Snap Recordings Managed Group Support Order Desk

Snap Recording Voice Talent messages and Enhanced Messaging Solution tools are based on strategic partnering with UC vendors to support their end customers.   

Your customers have direct access to the Snap Recordings systems through their registered Accounts.  Care and support is provided to our partners on a prioritized "Help Desk to Help Desk" basis.

Your customers will have access to…

  • A toll-free number that reaches our direct Care/Support help line.
  • Web-based instant chat for troubleshooting.
  • Snap’s support in creation and management of announcements.


Give us a call or email us to see if you qualify for our partnership program.

Tel: (866) 721-SNAP (7627)     Email: